End of Employment

At some point in time and for various reasons employees will leave the company. Many will leave for positive reasons and the relationship remains positive. Unfortunately this is not always the case and as such you need to ensure you have your business protected.

As a small business you could be negatively impacted if an employee sets up or goes to work for a similar business and could potentially take away your clients and/or employees. Therefore you need to ensure your employees contracts of employment restrict their ability to do this.

Sometimes, relationships turn sour and an employee leaves, could they claim constructive dismissal, have you protected yourself?

As in recent years the economic market has not been kind to many small businesses and the need has arisen to reduce staffing costs. I can take you step by step through this process and it is important to get me involved as soon as possible, as once the process is started it is hard to undo. If work is unreliable then it may be worth considering having a clause in your employees contract to give you flexibility.

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