Phil Donaldson, Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd

“As a small-medium sized company we were finding the whole area of employment law increasingly difficult to understand and time-consuming to keep on top of, often having to resort to using solicitors advice, which usually came at a premium. We have been outsourcing our HR to Sarah for two years now, enabling us to be more reactive and understanding of our employee’s needs but has been less demanding on management time. Her advice has also helped us make more informed business planning decisions, to the benefit of everyone, for a lower annual cost of using solicitors. Sarah is highly experienced and has a very personable, down-to-earth approach, to what can be a complex and sensitive subject. I have no hesitation recommending her. “

David Fisher, Fisher Studios

“Very personable approach that is clearly supported by years of experience. You immediately get the sense that Sarah sees HR as a two way street – ie. ensuring that employers and their employees develop ways that work for the best interests of both parties.”

Lynn, Lynn Palmer Architects

“I highly recommend Sarah Hyde. She led me through the process of recruiting my first employee, supporting me every step of the way. I am looking forward to working with Sarah again this year, as my business grows.”


Karen A , Asnew Upholstery

“We have been very impressed by the first class service that Sarah gives at very good value for money. Sarah has taken the time to really get to know the business and staff equally and given fantastic support and training to the Directors and employees alike. Sarah’s friendly approach has gone down well with all members of the team. Sarah’s helped us to produce a fantastic handbook and helped ensure that staff employment contracts are up to date and in line with constantly changing employment legislation. Very happy and would highly recommend using Sarah.”

Karen Clark, Thame Barns Centre

“Sarah is so helpful and professional, I would recommend her to anyone with HR issues.”


Nick Carter, QODA Consulting

“Sarah has provided valuable and effective HR support to our growing business. She is knowledgeable and proactive and I would highly recommend her work.”


Jo at Phoenix Ambulance

“I run a small business and Sarah was a great source of advice and helped me solve a very stressful and upsetting employee issue amicably. She was available at any time when i needed to discuss new developments and that was a huge relief.”


Tony Jones, Filton Ltd

“We needed our HR reviewed and brought up to date urgently and Sarah was recommended to us. She did not disappoint and provided a prompt and efficient service, which took the hassle out on an area in which its difficult to keep up to date and where it can be dangerous not to have expert backing”


Evan Hatch, Strategic Data Solutions (UK) LLP

“I was very impressed with both the quality and speed of the responses to any HR queries posed to Sarah.I have no doubt that other organisations would also benefit tremendously by calling on Sarah to provide HR services and advice to them.”


Ashley Smith, Flowline

“Sarah has become part of the team at Flowline providing clear and concise HR expertise. We continue to work with Sarah to update our HR practices and deal with HR issues as they arise. The advice is always prompt and Sarah delivers great value for money. I would highly recommend to anyone needing advice or delivering a HR project.”


Kelvin Sampson, JBKS Architects

“Sarah was very quick to understand the sensitivities involved in the staffing issue we discussed with her. The advice given was excellent, concise and appropriate ensuring that we dealt with the issue appropriately, responsibly and importantly, aware of our legal responsibilities as employers.  We are architects, not employment experts. Sarah has helped us ensure that staff employment contracts are up to date and in line with constantly changing employment legislation.”