How I can help

There are many ways I can help your business through the life cycle of your employees, either on an adhoc basis or ongoing working alongside your business.


It is important to have clearly worded and relevant documents in place that can allow you to manage situations throughout the life cycle of the employee effectively and efficiently. Without these in place, it is difficult to address even small issues without them quickly becoming complex.

Recruitment & Selection

To ensure your business is as effective as possible you need the right employees in place.

New Employees

As an employer you have a responsibility and legal obligation to hold certain information about your employees, including ensuring your new employees have the right to work in the UK, if not you could face a substantial fine or discrimination claim.

Performance Management

Managing employees should be a continuous process, ensuring they are motivated, developed and rewarded. This will help employees add value and retain the employees that are vital for your business.

Absence Management

Employee absence can be a high cost and burden to a small business. To reduce costs you need to have an effective process in place for reporting and monitoring absence.

End of Employment

At some point in time and for various reasons employees will leave the company. Many will leave for positive reasons and the relationship remains positive. Unfortunately this is not always the case and as such you need to ensure you have your business protected.