Performance Management

Managing employees should be a continuous process, ensuring they are motivated, developed and rewarded. This will help employees add value and retain the employees that are vital for your business.

It is important that there is an effective two way communication process in place. You need to understand what the needs and aspirations of an employee are and how they can contribute to the business fully and effectively.

An appraisal process can be a valuable tool for your business, ensuring your business and employees are never standing still but always growing and learning in the right direction.

When performance and/or conduct falls short of what is required, this can often be addressed informally and resolved; however sometimes a formal process is required. It is important the procedures you have in place work for your business.

It is a legal requirement to provide a written disciplinary and grievance policy within 8 weeks of them starting employment with you. Disciplinary rules and procedures are used to correct and manage any unacceptable conduct or performance of an employee. As far as possible this should always be a positive experience of reaching a solution of improved conduct and performance. In the event that dismissal is required you need to ensure that the process has been fair and limit the risk of future tribunal claims.

It is important when dealing with these issues you take advice as early as possible, as taking a wrong action early on could be costly.

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